LifeKit: the Highest Standard in Stem Cells Shipping


An award winning innovation exclusively to Lifeline. The LifeKit protects umbilical cord samples during shipment. It maintains the cells potency and ensures the safe delivery of the Stem Cells to the bank. 


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The quality of cord blood stem cells begins to deteriorate at the point of collection. Scientific evidence demonstrates that keeping the temperature of stem cells at a constant low is of vital importance for cell viability and for the quality of the cells to be cryopreserved.


Transportation of the samples at constantly low temperatures results in the preservation of the cells integrity. Lifeline has developed one of the best possible devices for the collection and transportation of umbilical stem cells. The LifeKit maintains its contents at constantly low temperature irrespective of any external temperature variations, ensuring that the quality of the units in transit is maintained. 


The LifeKit is made of stainless steel, a hard material offering enhanced physical protection to the unit in transit. This ensures the safe delivery to the bank, making the LifeKit an integral part of the cord blood banking quality.


The LifeKit was ranked by a panel of judjes at the Cold Chain Global Forum, in USA, as one of the 4 best submissions in the category: Best Temperature Controlled Global Logistics Project.


This innovative device is another example of Lifeline's commitment to quality services pertaining to the collection and transportation of biological tissues including cord blood and tissue to the bank.


The LifeKit device is the first of its kind to provide the appropriate conditions during the transport of biological products and as such, it has been filed for an International Patent.


LifeKit is ideal for maintaining the integrity and the quality of the precious stem cells it carries, as it

  • Enables the cryopreservation of more viable cells
  • Maintains its content at a constantly low temperature
  • Continuously records the temperature of the contents electronically
  • Is made of stainless steel offering enhanced physical protection
  • Bears a unique identification number linking parents and newborn(s) to all procedures that will follow


The LifeKit, provides the best means for maintaining cell viability at the clinic, when the labor takes place at night.


The collection procedure, simple and painless

Upon registration, Lifeline supplies expectant parents with the LifeKit, which enables the collection of the cord blood and cord tissue. Each LifeKit has a unique code number that links all following procedures directly to the parents and their newborn's stem cells. It is advised that parents are informed ahead of time and have obtained the LifeKit well before their due date. On the day of labour, parents must deliver the LifeKit to their doctor who will be responsible for collecting the newborn's cord blood and/or cord tissue.

The collection procedure:

  • Does not interfere with the labour process
  • Is performed without any contact with the newborn
  • Lasts for less than 10 minutes
  • Is performed by gynaecologists


Transportation to the bank


The quality of the banked cellular therapy products is determined by the number of viable cells they contain. Apoptosis, or the countdown to cell death, starts when cells are removed from the body and the number of viable cells decreases with time. 

Scientific research has shown that, biological samples are compromised when exposed to temperatures below 4oC and above 26oC. Evidence suggests that the transportation at constantly low temperatures results in the preservation of the cells integrity.


Lifeline receives samples 365 days a year. Soon after birth, the LifeKit is picked up by an authorized courier to be delivered to Lifeline's laboratories for processing and testing.