Lifeline Business Profile

C.B.B. Lifeline Biotech Ltd. (Lifeline) is the first umbilical cord stem cells bank that was incorporated in Europe (UK) back in 1994 and has been operating as a regional bank with headquarters in Cyprus, since 2002. The processing, testing and cryopreservation of cellular therapy products take place in Lifeline's purpose built premises in Nicosia.


Lifeline is committed to an ongoing evaluation and adoption of more efficient systems in order to continuously provide the highest possible quality  and safety by using the latest technologies available in the testing and the cryopreservation of the units.



Lifeline’s Accreditations


The following accreditation and quality assessment programs, which Lifeline has voluntarily adopted, demonstrate Lifeline’s long term commitment to offering the highest possible quality standard of service:


  • The Cellular Therapy Products Laboratory bears a CYS EN ISO 15189:2012 accreditation for a specified scope
  • AABB International Accreditation of the comprehensive Quality Management System


Lifeline’s International Scientific Advisory Board

Renowned professors of international calibre constitute Lifeline’s Scientific Advisory Board which gives direction to Lifeline’s scientific operations. 


Education, Technology and Science

Lifeline continuously invests in professional development by actively participating in international conferences and seminars where scientific developments are presented.  Lifeline’s Research and Development team, in collaboration with educational institutions, conducts in-house research which, is regularly presented at international meetings, contributing towards the improvement of cryopreservation services internationally.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

A leading insurance provider covers Lifeline’s services with professional indemnity insurance amounting to one million Euros per case; this is a clear example of Lifeline’s professionalism and quality of the service offered


Code of Ethics

The briefing is governed by a code of ethics and the parents are presented with objective information based on scientific facts, in a simple and easy to understand language.