Enrolment fee

The enrolment fee is €110,00 and includes the LifeKit which is needed for the collection and the transportation of the biological samples to Lifeline.


Service(s) fees

The total fee, as described below, includes the processing, testing and 20 years of storage.

When both cord blood and tissue services are chosen, but only one service is found suitable for storage, Lifeline will charge the clients for one service only. Furthermore, if none of the units is found suitable for storage, there will be no further charges.

When the LifeCord Plus service is chosen, the service fee of €245,00 will be added on total fees shown below and this amount will be allocated equally on the installments of the monthly payment plan chosen by the clients.


Services and Fees

Plan A

The below diagram shows the service combinations and prices for Plan A only. Plan A describes a single charge that covers everything up to the end of the 20 years storage period. Clients may choose to pay in full in a single payment, or up to 12 monthly installments, as presented in Table A below.


Plan B

Clients also have the option to choose Plan B, whereby they shall pay an initial fee of €765.00 for one or two services stored, and pay the storage fee on an annual basis, with direct debit, as presented in Table B below.


Two Services: Cord Blood & Cord Tissue



One Service: Cord Blood or Cord Tissue



Request Info or Enrolment

Lifeline offers parents, who request information or enrolment online, a 50% discount on the enrollment fee.

Click for info or enrolment


Loyalty discount

Lifeline’s returning clients are eligible for the loyalty discount of €100,00 on the services fee.



In twin pregnancies, the clients are provided with the considerable discount of 50% in favor of the second (twin) child.


Special reductions

Families with a first degree family member suffering from a disease that Hematopoietic stem cells transplantation may be a treatment option, are provided with Plan B and none initial fee, they are only charged with the annual storage fee, for the years the units will be kept in storage, Plan B.  


After 20 years

Once the donor child is of legal age the agreement may be renewed in his/her name and continue the storage of their stem cell units at Lifeline.

The storage fee will be offered at the market prices valid at that time.