Enrollment Fee

The LifeKit delivery completes the enrollment procedure of the parents to Lifeline services. The enrollment cost is €85,00 VAT included, and is payable before the birth of the child. The LifeKit is a simple and novel device especially designed by Lifeline for the collection and the transportation of the Cord Blood and/or Cord Tissue Units to the bank. 


Service(s) Fee

The total fee as described below includes the administration, the transportation, the processing, the testing and the 20 years of storage.

In the event where the clients have chosen both services but only one is suitable for storage, Lifeline will only charge the clients for the single service that will be approved for storage.

In the event where none of the Cord Blood and the Cord Tissue units are suitable for storage there will be no further charge.


Provided at least one of the units is successful for storage, there are two payment plans parents can choose from:


Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Service



Only Cord Blood or only Cord Tissue


Special Reductions

A returning customer is eligible for the loyalty reduction of €100 on the services fee.

In cases of twins, a customer is entitled of the considerable discount of 50% in favor of the second twin.

A special discount will be offered to those new clients that place an online order using Lifeline's website.

Families with a member suffering from a disease treatable by haemotopoietic stem cells transplantation are provided 75% discount on the service(s) fee. 

A combination of these reduction is not possible.  


After 20 years

Once the child is of legal age the contract can be renewed in his/her name and continue the storage of your stem cells at Lifeline.

Continue storage after this initial period will be at the market prices valid at that time.